Sunday, February 6, 2011

I'm bored so i'll lay up some like poems / quotes or what to call it ? That I've made. Theese are just shorts ones, I've got more on my computer. But I wont show them now. But here you go:

art isn't to make something look good. It's about expressing yourself.

Patriotism are for the people who are afraid of new things..

Where you come from means nothing. Because we're all the same.

Throw away your flag, your nationality and start being human

You cannot achieve a true friendship before you're able to call it love

I'll lay up my newest lookbook too !


  1. I used to have kinda like the same sweat as on the first pic, when I was in highschool

  2. de va den tröjan du mena va :) från humana :]?

  3. ja, fast den var ju inte ifrån humana bara menade att jag hade en sån tröja :)