Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The People's Key

Hello, this post will be about music. I'll do a review of bright eyes newest cd and tell you a little bit about a new band i've found :) !

So let's start with bright eyes newest album called The people's key :

Songs :
1. "Firewall" 7:17
2. "Shell Games" 3:56
3. "Jejune Stars" 4:10
4. "Approximate Sunlight" 4:25
5. "Haile Selassie" 4:33
6. "A Machine Spiritual (In the People's Key)" 4:20
7. "Triple Spiral" 3:51
8. "Beginner's Mind" 3:55
9. "Ladder Song" 3:58
10. "One For You, One For Me" 6:37

As usual, Bright Eyes are great. Great lyrics and great sound. Though i prefer the older albums, I still like this one. They've got a more Indie rock feeling in this album with more "power" in the songs. But still some of them are chill ones like before. I think it's really worth to take a look at it though.

Here comes 2 songs so you can listen to how it sounds.

Now. To the other band. It's called local natives. It's not a new band. But I just found out about them. They're really great. ! The singer has got an amazing voice. And the instruments are just lovely. Take a look at these guys too !

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