Sunday, February 6, 2011

Vert Attack is over !

Here's the results from Vert attack 5, it was awesome. World class. The contest actually had over 200000 viewers online too.


1. Jake Anderson, UK

2. Rune Glifberg, DK

3. Alex Perlson, USA

4. Jussi Korhonen, FIN

5. Neal Hendrix, USA

6. Sam Beckett, UK


1. Steve Caballero, USA

2. Nicky Guerrero, DK

3. Christian Hosoi, USA

4. Anders Tellen, SWE

5. Jeff Hedges,USA

6. Sean Geoff, UK


Mathev Carlise, UK

Simon Karlsson, SWE

Mats Hadlem, NOR

Jake Anderson, the winner of pro/am contest

Jake Anderson and Steve Caballero, ( Jake winner of pro/am and Caballero of the masters)

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