Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Because it breaks my heart. That we live this way

I hate being sick.. It's just so annoying. I Hope I'll feel good soon.

Finally the weather in Sweden is becoming better. It's sun outside hehe. And hopefully it'll become spring soon and we'll have it a little bit warmer atleast

Hehe I finally got the chance to read Call of the wild. Since I'm a big Into The Wild fan and Christopher Mccandless fan I felt a little bit forced to read his favorite book, so we went to the library with our english class and I found the book there !


  1. here comes the sun<3 finns inget som passar så mycket som den nu när snön börjar smälta bort. <3

  2. Isn´t it wonderful to have a kind-hearted teacher who is also the generous holder of a library card?
    I hope you´ll enjoy the book!!!

  3. Haha actually it is, I'm very thankful :)

    I hope so too, thanks again !

  4. Ahh one of my favorite song right now.
    I've posted it on my blog too not long ago :D