Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dirty Reggae !

So guys. I've been kinda off with the blogging. But guess what !? I'm back hehe..

The IAMX concert got cancelled because they got sick... So we got really depressed haha... We'll have to wait 2 months or something. But a positive thing with it was that we found this free concert KB had that day with a band called The Aggrolites. It was like skinhead/dirty reggae and I loved it. Of course I want to see IAMX. But I guess I'll just have to wait...

here's a song with The Aggrolites

I want to speak about another thing. Earth Hour, did anyone really turn of your electricity ? I did atleast. Cause I went out and it seemed like nobody did even turn their lights off.. Those who diden't you suck haha :) No just kidding. But yeah you should have done it..

We have the power to change


  1. Yeah I was tured off lights. And as I know most my friend did it too. After hour I forgot turn it on so my electricity was off about 2 or 3 hours :D