Monday, March 7, 2011


Hey people. I'm sick, I hate it.

I recently found out about IAMX, I think it's a kinda cool band. Or it's actually just one person but while he's on tour he has like a "band". I'm planning to go and see them but still not sure...
Listen to it here !

I think he's got an amazing voice.. Very interesting music, could be very cool live.


  1. you gotta go see him - guarantee will blow you
    away - don't make the mistake I did ... IAMX played
    my town and I never went 'cause I'd only heard a few bits and didn't like them as much as his previous band (sneaker pimps) who I'd seen live and loved their whole aesthetic

    (check out:

    I then later on looked into IAMX more and really liked it all and seriously regretted brushing them off originally because I didn't think they could be as good as his previous band - I have regretted it ever since - george

  2. Thanks, I think I will :). How unlucky you are then :(