Monday, March 14, 2011

Shine On

Hey people, i've been a little off with the blogging lately. But I'll be better.
Man I'm going to see The Kooks, Bright Eyes & Coldplay this summer. Lots of more good bands too actually. I could burst into tears of happiness. I'm just so happy...

I miss the old drummer from The Kooks.

I don't like school. It's annoying with homeworks haha...

I haven't got anything special to write so yea..

Recently just uploaded a new look check it out !


  1. 'I could burst into tears of happiness' - this could well happen during coldplay(!) ... look forward to reading all about it - especially what FIX YOU is like (and if they do SPEED OF SOUND - I know they stopped doing it)

    as you like IAMX - I wondered if you knew Patrick Wolf ... his new single reviewed:

  2. haha yea, I will write alot I guess. Yea I will do it especially for you haha !

    no I haven't heard of him. I'll check him out :)

  3. cheers! - but after you've seen them (and witnessed FIX YOU live) you won't be writing *for me* you'll be writing 'cause they've left you so inspired!!

  4. Haha yea, that's probably true. But I'll still do even more than i would do normally just for you :)