Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Strokes Angles

It's time for a new review. The strokes new album. I've got one word. Dissappointed...

Seriously the CD is bad. bad bad baaaaaaad.

They're trying to hard. They want to be like a techno/electro band or something...

I haven't got too much to say.

I think this song is kind of okey to listen too.

They've lost their special sound... The only thing that's left is Julians voice. But he also tries to sing brighter. I'm just annoyed. I want the old strokes back.

But I think this album will be a hit. Just because it's got the electro sound that people nowadays like. I'm not a mainstream hater. But lots of stuff that they play everywhere got an electro or techno sound. So who knows we will see. I dislike the album totally though

I'll give it 2/5


  1. Your'e saying you're not a mainstream hater but you sure sound as one. Im not very into Angles too, but I'm sure the strokes are doing their new sound because they like it, not because they want a hit.

    Take care! And I still love your blog. :)

  2. Haha I don't really like the most of the mainstream music, but still I'm not a hater :)

    Yea, sure I can accept that they want to try something new. Still dislike it very much haha. !

    You do the same, thank you :)