Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Berlin Berlin Once Again

Sooo hello, my day was awesome !!!! Kind of a chill day just went around looking for 2nd hand shops. Though I only bought a pair of knee socks from American Apparel. I'm kind of broke haha... So not a very interesting buy. But I really wanted them. I hope I'll find something cooler though.. Later on we chilled at the hotel and played some table tennis. Awesome awesome, then we went out to some cool random restaurant that was very chill and "underground" or whatever I can call it. Not a tourist place atleast heh !

Very nice food over there. I'm having a vegetarian week too btw !

Then we went back to the hotel and started building a beatles puzzle, it was like 1000 pieces so my parents gave up but I sat there all by myself like a little child without friends And now I'm here ready for a good night of sleep !


  1. making a beatles puzzle in the middle of the night seems like a perfect night to me. hope youre having a good time in berlin! And do post some pics soon!

  2. haha yesterday I returned from Berlin :D

  3. sweet dreams ; - **
    hahaha :D

  4. du är en liten unge utan vänner

  5. Haha it is awesome, It was very relaxing !

    Cool Ruta. Berlin is lovely, isn't it :) ?
    Hahah thank you louise !

    Ariana ja </3

  6. oh yes Berlin is fantastic! one of my fav cities <3