Monday, April 18, 2011

Berlin here I come

Feels great that when I'll blog the next time I'm in Berliiiiiiiiiiin ! So looking forward to it


  1. have a great time - I really like Berlin - I went to see THE CURE there - but when I went it was FREEZING COLD(!!)

  2. thanks ! Yea i've been there once before. It's a very cool city. Wow that's nice I'm a bit jealous now haha !

    Ah, it is cold in the winter I guess you were there then ?
    But right now it's 20 + in celsius hehe !

  3. I had to go there - it was their DARK TROLOGY gig (their 3 'dark' albums: pornography/disintegreation/bloodflowers played back
    to back!!!) - they only did it in BELGIUM + BERLIN ...

    The 1st song of the gig

    I rolled up in UK/AUTUMN CLOTHES (it wasn't
    very cold in November in the Uk) - the FREEZING german air hit me when I left the airport!!! - had to buy a fleece the next day!!

    great gig - but THIS
    sounds even better though! - love the 2nd+3rd cure albums - AUSTRALIA is too far away though!!
    I hope they do it in the uk