Sunday, April 24, 2011


So i've been home for a while now, I'm a vegetarian haha..

And now i'll lay up some pics from berlin, I barely took photos so they're all boring I guess, and I'm not on the photos .. I already miss Berlin so much.. But I had a great time !

Even the room card was cool haha

Lovely interior


Haha, I loved the lamps

Our weird room

My awesome Jimi hendrix LP that I bought !

Best Chai Latte ever <3
Tiger spice chai latte !

I think it's called East coast gallery. It's the Berlin wall that's left

Cool graffiti art on the Berlin wall. I actually wrote peace and love on some wall that everyone could do what they wanted on. I feel so cool hahah !

I know it's boring pictures. But I didn't take to much photos. My parents may have some photos that I can upload later sometime.


  1. I'm jealous! Anyways, hope you had fun! c: