Thursday, April 21, 2011

Last night in berlin :(

I looove it here, it sucks that I'm going home tomorrow, once again I've had an awesome day.

We went out looking for 2nd hand shops once again. I got a lovely tie dye tee and a shirt too. I also found the best thing ever. Jimi hendrix axis bold as love LP. I love it haha. Best thing ever! Then we went to skatehalle Berlin. So chill over there. Skated for a while. Then we went back to the best hotel ever. Played some table tennis and chess and just chilled. I also found the best latte ever, I think it was a mix between chai latte and a little bit of coffee. Called like tiger spice chai latte or something like that. So nice. That's like my day. Tomorrow I'm going home and it sucks.. It's just so great over here..


  1. spiffy to compare: the day to coffee : - D

    * I hope that soon we'll see Ur new look.