Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Music review.

Okey I got 2 things people wanted to see.

But this guy William sunshine, I didn't find too much. But I thought it was cool. So i'll lay up the myspace link. Hopefully it was the right person Check it out !

Next up was that I got a request to tell about my 5 favorite albums. I haven't got 5 favorite albums. But I can chose some I like the most at the moment and tell something about each one of them. Cause it's very hard to pick the 5 best albums ever.
Thanks for the idea edgeindustrialphotography. Don't forget to check the blog. !

This will be different genres and different years too.

But I'll start out with number 5:

Sista Sekunden and the album called Skyll Inte På Oss

This is a new swedish punk band that I recently found out about. They're actually playing in my town now on saturday too. I'm pshyched about it ! And all of their songs are sick. It's raw punk, hardcore punk. And that's what I love, the raw feeling just makes everything more awesome. Of course it's well made. But it's got the older feeling from all of the punk bands from the 80s that were the hardcore bands back then. This album may not be their "hardest" one. But it's still the album that i've been listening to the most so i'll choose this one.

Sure all of the songs aren't perfect. But there songs that I can't stop listening too, like this one

Unfortunately I couldn't find the one I was looking for on youtube. This is one of their more "chill" songs. But I think the instruments are very nice and it builds up perfectly for the chorus. This is one of the "epic" live bands. It's like a band you got to see if you want a crazy show. You won't be dissapointed !. This one will end here because I will write longer and longer reviews because I like them more and more haha!

soooo place 4 !

Last days of april totally deserves this place. I've loved this album since my parents played a song called Will the violins be playing ? That's on the album too. It's an amazing swedish band too actually haha. I've loved this album for maybe 5-6 years now ? I don't know really. Could be more. Gives me good memories and a dreamy feeling everytime I hear the songs. I think you could describe this album as an indie lovers dream. The band and the album is a must heard if you're the indie dude haha!. Beautiful lyrics and the songs themselves are beautiful too. It's magic. One thing that makes the album better is that it isn't repetitious. I mean that all the songs sound the same. Every song seems kind of unique. One more thing is that this album is perfect in every way since you may destroy the songs by playing them. But then like months or years later. You suddenly hear them again and it will be the most awesome revival of something you've ever had. Be sure to check it out. Here's the best song !

Place 3. Jimi hendrix Axis :Bold As Love

If I would ever be forced to make a list of the best albums made. One of Jimi hendrix albums is something you can't miss placing on the list..

Since this was a hippie idol I can describe the album like this. If music was a drug. Then this album would probably be one of the heaviest drugs. The one that you can't stop using.
Jimi hendrix and a guitar. That's true magic. The music he was able doing with those things he had. That's just amazing. I mean it's even hard to describe. One thing that I would like to say is that Hendrix was actually an amazing songwriter. Most of the people often just see him as a guitarist. But both his voice and lyrics was just so complicated and amazing. Some was just dreams. Often it was his own dreams. And some of them was things that happened in his life.

A good example of things that happened in his life is the song castles made of sand.

the text is fantastic.

I don't know. It's hard to describe Jimi Hendrix. I think it's too good to describe to be honest. I'll just chose 2 songs instead

I was thinking a little bit of chosing spanish castle magic to. But I realised that little wing is a song that you're supposted to take if you're talking about Jimi. This is another song that's magic. The dreamy psychedelic sound that it's got in the backround is fantastic. And let's not speak about Jimi's guitar playing that's just sick. Proves that he was amazing and no one will ever get the same feeling and improve the guitar playing like he did. I'll end it here or else I will just continue my nagging about how amazing he was over and over again.

Place 2. Joy Division. The Best Of

It feels wrong to put a best of album on a album list. Cause it's a bit like cheating. But Joy division is a band that you can listen to when you're sad, happy, tired, whatever ! Joy division is a band you will never get tired of, atleast I won't. Not what i've noticed yet. The texts are masterpieces. Ian Curtis is / was a genious. His voice was so unique and his performances. True legend. I think this post will bore you. Because it's just nagging about how good everyone is. But I don't know...

I love how the lyrics was about Ian's life. Just made everything more amazing. I will stop the nagging now haha

Place 1. Sorry to be boring but again Those dancing days, daydreams & nightmares. If you haven't read about it. Check it out here

Like i said in the beggining. This is not the best ones ever. This is my personal favorites right now.

By the way. Fleet foxes has released their new cd. They've got some amazing songs. But the album is kind of boring overall. But I love this one It's incredibly good

If you want me to make a review about an album, could be yours, could be your friends, could be a famous band or whatever. Just write a comment and tell me !


  1. Tack för all den fina nya musiken! Last days of april är sjukt bra :>

  2. hi timothy
    thanks for doing the piece - loved reading it

    really like Sista Sekunden - the music in the background playing
    is so good and that's without even the singing - and I don't even
    know what he's saying but I don't care!

    LAST DAYS OF APRIL ... killing me - *THAT* good - just from that
    1 song (+ hearing it just once) I love them - I know they are a group
    for me ... your description of them is very good ... they do have a very
    dreamy feel to the songs - can't wait to hear the whole album!

    was so surprised by Jimi hendrix - I've never heard him sing before -
    only ever saw guitar playing clips - shame that people don't give his
    singing/songwriting as much credit - I'm intrigued by him now!

    good to see JD!! - love them - 24 hours is my fave - check out THIS and THIS both from 1981 single CEREMONY - when they carried on without Ian but
    called themselves new order - they still sound like JD though!! (perfect) 1981
    album MOVEMENT also - then it started to change (Ceremony was originally
    a JD song - a version is on STILL live album)
    I'm quite obsessed with the band in that transitional period and finding live gigs from 1980/81 on the net!! - they still had all the JD fans going to their gigs!!

    THIS is a great cover of 24 hours by a scottish band I love (who reminded me of JD
    the first time I saw them live ... + so many guitars on stage) and HERE
    they are singing their own song - BE WARNED - could possibly
    blow your mind - THAT GOOD(!)

    how come THOSE DANCING DAYS aren't massive in the uk? I've never even
    heard of them before - so good

    this is why I love pieces like this - discovered loads of new music and
    also people get to know what music you are liking - so thanks for taking
    the time to write it ... and thanks for the blog mention!!

  3. Ah what a lovely comment you gave me, I've checked some of your links but i'll continue later. It's fun seeing comments like this. Makes me want to continue with the blogging haha :).

    Hm, I guess those dancing days are kind of underrated. But they're on their way up right now I think :)

    Haha no problem, you deserve it !