Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SiESTA! Day 2

Cool day I got to say. Not as interesting bands as the other days. But I found lots of new ones,

started out with Hanna Turi, lovely singer / songwriter probably got her inspiration from Tori Amos, Regina Spektor and musicians like those. Lovely voice, great piano playing.

After that I went to Marcus Price & Carli. Boring.
So I decided to chill for some ours. Went out and saw that you could get free Monster, so I took one and we sat in the sun for like an hour.
Then we went in again, checked out This is head, they were good. Sounded like Efterklang. But decided that it was kind of lame since every song sounded the same live. So we went to a band called Alcoholic Faith Mission, they were awesome ! Also sounded like Efterklang but much better than This is head. Really enjoyed them. But I had to go early because I needed to get a good place at slagsmålsklubbens concert.

In the picture : My friends and Alcoholic Faith Mission!

We waited for the concert to start. And when the first tones came out of the speakers. The crowd went crazy. Dancing, moshing and screaming. Amazing concert. The music they're playing is like electro/dance music. Good band to see live if you want a good crowd . Or good party music.

Under the next hours there were no special bands, loved Me and my army though. But I've got nothing to write about any bands that I saw until the clock turned 22:00 at siesta. Rebecca & Fiona was on the stage, and that was the highlight of the day probably, so good. Great performers, great music, once again the crowd was awesome. CHECK THEM OUT !

Rebecca & Fiona

I saw Håkan Hellström too, not a very big fan. But it was okey !

The day ended with Meshuggah, boring singer, boring mosh / crowd the only okey thing was the instruments I guess..

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  1. love the picture of you altogether
    you look this gang 'DON'T MESS WITH US!!'
    really great cool shot

    love the last photo ... the lights - wow