Monday, June 13, 2011

Siesta Festival 2011 day 1

So, how to start ? It was the best thing ever.

The first day started out with Last days of april, they were awesome. But it was a shame that they got to play 13:30, it was boring since there were no people and I don't like concerts when the sun is shining, not that kind of music atleast. It's supposed to be a little bit darker. But if you get the chance to see them. Do it !
By the way, I'll only write about the concerts I liked the most or the ones that was famous bands playing. Pictures will be on my favourites, and I barely filmed anything.

After Last days of april we went around the area checking out everything, nice people, nice food haha! Nice shops and everything. It was just so awesome. I was just chilling, when i suddenly see a face with curly hair. I remeber him, it's Hugh harris from THE KOOKS !!! I was just chocked and ran towards him and screaming hello! (stalker here) haha. I saw that the drummer was with him to. So they said hello back at me, but I didn't get the chance to take a photo. I was joking with my friend that Luke pritchard will come by and i'll talk to him and take a photo. And then all of a sudden, I see him. Luke... Luke Pritchard, the singer from The Kooks. I thought I was dreaming, and once again I was running and screaming hello haha. I felt like a child in a candy factory. I talked to him and it was fantastic, he was such a nice guy !

I was very happy and it felt like my life was complete haha. We decided to go and check out a screamo band called Asking Alexandria. It was crazy, and a really good concert. They moshed like animals, hit eachoter. I got knuckles in my head and lots of hits from other heads. So that was a little too much.
But it was a great band check them out !

I still couldn't understand that I'd actually met Luke prtichard. I was just thinking, Holy shit, did I actually meet Luke ? Am I really even going to see The Kooks or am I dreaming !?

Next up was Plain White T's, boring and awesome at the same time, lots of songs sounden the same and weren't good. They hade a viking sound haha. Though I gotta say Hey there delilah was fantastic ! The whole crowd sang along and the performance was really good!

Now it was time to wait, wait for hours at the biggest stage. To stand in the front to see the kooks. But before they would play, Ladytron was the act. And I hated them. It was probably one of the most boring concerts i've ever seen. First of all, they just stood there like robots singing, there were no power from them. So boring, second of all. It wasn't good, also the crowd seemed to be high on ecstasy or something. Cause they were really annoying. It was bad bad bad. Torture.

It was only 1 hour left, 1 hour and I'll be screaming to the kooks for the 2nd time. Amazing..
Finally the clock hit 21:00, people were singing and the whole crowd was moving in all directions, people even passed out. But then they came out. It was once again a dream. Fantastic. Everyone sang along and it was crazy. They played 3 songs, everything was so fantastic. They even played seaside. Made me really happy since they don't play it very often.
The kooks is seriously amazing live, hard to describe !

Aaaaaaaaaaah the kooks was over, sad moment </3. But, there was still bands that we were going to check out and then you shouldn't be sad about that the kooks was over..

We went to see Hercules & Love Affair. It was really good ! Hipsters making dance music isn't something new. But this was special. Amazing live, great crowd and the sound was amazing. Also the people in the band were good performers, made everything fun to watch ! I'm glad I didn't miss it !

Now it was time for the last band that I was planning to see, den svenska björnstammen. It was soooo cool, awesome music and everyone was dancing like hell ! Check out the band. They're nice!

After that I chilled in the festival area. Not so interesting, i'll write about day 2 tomrrow. Hope you enjoyed it. Bye ! :)


  1. great review timothy - shame last days of april were on so early
    - the worst thing about festivals - good bands being on SO EARLY in
    the day, especially when it doesn't suit their music

    so great you met Luke - I was hoping that after you met the other band
    members you'd see Luke - and you did! - so cool - love the photo with him

    the crowd are amazing singing along to SEASIDE - just from the video
    it seemed so special - must have been amazing to have been there

    you saw the 2 bands I asked about(!) Hercules & Love Affair
    and LADYTRON(!!!) - I love your review

    'First of all, they just stood there like robots singing, there were
    no power from them'

    so perfect(!) and SO TRUE - haha!!
    I love the fact they just stand there like robots!

    'second of all. It wasn't good, also the crowd seemed to be high on
    ecstasy or something. Cause they were really annoying. It was bad bad bad.

    that sounds bad - the crowd should have been standing like robots
    in silence(!) when I see Interpol I hate the crowd singing along
    or anything(!) - also I don't like annoying crowds like that all high

    I can just imagine your face while watching Ladytron!
    ... and you had to see them as they were on before the kooks!!

    have to check out Plain White t's properly - I've seen 1 song
    I think I might equally like them/find them annoying?!

    cool festival look!
    thanks for the write-up
    - george

    nice DK badge! - love them

  2. arh I want meet Luke too :( so jealous

  3. Hello, dearest!!
    I see you had the time of your life over there (you and some of your wonderful friends: anyone else there besides Maja, David and Benjamin?)... you get to meet your idols in person and how incredibly cool that must have been!
    Did you almost pass out? I did the first time I met a live legend.. it was like: please, somebody pinch me...
    I hope you have recovered from all the emotion and crowd - I hope you are enjoying the sun, the summer, the freedom.
    Are you?

    Mrs teacher provider of great books (and knowledge? maybe not, but maybe inspiration?)