Sunday, July 17, 2011


Got my septum today !

Please give some comments, I'm not blogging cause no one is commenting, so boring. I'll write about a festival and two concerts or something if anyone's interested.

Here's my piercing !


  1. looks real good Timothy
    (cool hair too)
    just cause people don't comment doesn't mean
    that people arn't reading - there is always
    a HUGE difference between the percentage of people
    reading versus commenting - I read some facts on it
    a while back
    - George

  2. i like, it's really awesome!

  3. The issue with blogging is that you have to tell people about your blog.
    Also, why are you blogging?
    For yourself?
    For others?
    Its a lot of work to get people to look at your work. Commenting is different on it own.
    Love the piercings. My BF has one like that.

  4. I think you're awesome!
    I've septum too (:

    I think better guys are in Sweden.
    I visited Stockholm last year, but I think I'll go to Malmo next time!