Monday, July 18, 2011

Rebecca & Fiona - Hard

here's a better pic of my piercing.

I haven't really got any ideas of what to write about. I was at a festival that was free. Rebecca & Fiona and Adam Tensta played there. Though I saw them at siesta and wrote a review about them there. So it will kind of be the same. I also saw Coldplay and Bright Eyes at another festival in Gothenburg. It's just so lame to write about it, can't really explain how good everything was. And I don't know if anyone's interested either haha. Well I can give you a good song atleast. Rebecca & Fionas new single. Hard !

Not that new. But awesome, seems like a Crystal Castles rip off.


  1. love that song
    and your new piercing too

  2. Den är så crystal castles/skrillex wannabeeeeeee ):

  3. Lovely piercing Timothy! Thanks for sharing the song, it's pretty cool. Never heard of Rebecca & Fiona before.

  4. Awesome, du passar jättebra i septum <: