Saturday, July 2, 2011

Siesta Day 3

Last day </3

Started out with a HC local punkband from malmo called Hårda Tider. They were sick. But the crowd sucked. Not very much people and all just stood there. But it was still awesome, I got the chance to sing along cause he took the microphone and placed it in my head haha !

Then we went to see Britta Persson, it was chill. Good sound!

We went a bit early to go and see Ane Brun, it was a really lovely concert. Beautiful music, but it was warm like hell. Nobody could stand up everyone just sat down and tried to find some shadow haha. So I decided to stand in the front. Good choice I got to say !

Then I saw Adam Tensta, it was really cool. Got me back to my hip hop time for an hour haha !
I also met him !

The day went on, we were all sad that it was going to be the last day but at the same time so psyched for everything ! After some hours we were at the stage waiting for Dada life. I got to say that it was really bad. They were an half hour late just cause they were going to be cool and coming into the stage with a helicopter... It sucked, but the concert was okey, craaazy crowd !
We went early to be able to stand long in the front to see wolfmother, and that made me really happy cause it was sooooooooooooo good. First I was in a big moshpit, but then I got tired and I actually got in the front and was able to stand at the railing. It was so cool they made a cover of riders on the storm and don't stop believing haha !

Time for the last concert. Henrik Berggren from Broder Daniel. Man I loved it.
Fantastic, everyone one was singing and sharing their feelings, fantastic.
Can't really describe it, since it was the last concert and you were just in another world for an hour.

I really miss Siesta..

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