Monday, August 15, 2011

Where The Action Is

wow, don't know what makes me more jealous
seeing Bright eyes and Connor waving at you
or seeing Coldplay ... did they do SPEED OF SOUND?
... please tell me about FIX YOU ... and what part
of the song affected you the most - yes I have a
slight obsession with this song, I'm not ashamed!
- George

Since I got this comment from an awesome reader who is always glad to read my posts and always gives so lovely comments I'll answer it right away haha!
No they didn't actually play speed of sound. The concert was really awesome though. It felt like I was dreaming.
Fix you, it was really beautiful. The favourite part was probably when you heard lights will guide you home. The whole crowd was singing along and you got goose bumps. The whole song was just really emotional. Loved it.

here's a video of it from the official filming

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  1. oh wow Timothy, didn't expect a mention! - cheers

    didn't think they'd so SPEED OF SOUND - I saw
    their Glastonbury/T in the park sets on tv and they
    didn't do it then either

    FIX YOU looked amazing - was so good to see *actual*
    footage from your gig ... I can't even comprehend what it'd
    be like to see it live - or how I'd react considering I can only
    go on how it affected me when I watched it on tv those 2 times
    above ... and I was really surprised by my reaction, Glastonbury
    especially - it's the same when watching this - I'm surprised that
    if a tiny little *youtube* video starts affecting me the same (that
    bit starting at 2.40 ... and *certain* lines that follow) they are
    not really good signs for when I actually hear it live - haha!!
    ... just gonna have to toughen myself up before then!!

    cheers for going into detail .. all Summer I've been wondering 'has
    Timothy seen Coldplay yet?!!
    - George

    see the coldplay FIX YOU gifs in my latest blog post!!