Sunday, October 23, 2011


This is from now on my new life. It's all about arizooona.
Best <3

Lola said...

Write about what you like or dislke in Sweden ^^

I like almost everything. It's awesome that it's really cultural. Lots of people from different countries. I hate people who is just about patriotism. I want people from other places..
I like that we can have really cold and really hot. Gives some different in all the days. It's cosy in the winter. It's fun to do things in the summer and yeah!
The thing I dislike is that ti can get lame sometimes. And lots of swedish peoples are so fucking annoying. And yeah I'm swedish myself, but we're so ignorant and talk shit behind peoples back.

guesswhoI'M said...

What's the most crazy thing you did ? ~ write about it (;

I do lots of crazy/ weird things. I don't knooo,

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